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Greenco supplies the best and most delicious snack vegetables year round.


Tommies: Happy vitamins every day.Share the cheerful side of vitamins

Mini-groente groot maken

Greenco shows the Netherlands the benefits of snack vegetables aiming to structurally contribute to a healthier country.

Greenco is an international grower and packer of the most delicious snack vegetables: snack tomatoes, snack sweet peppers and snack cucumbers. We are an innovative company with a modern approach to growing and marketing vegetables.



Greenco aspires to manage a sound business on the basis of collaboration throughout the entire chain. By growing, packing and marketing tasteful and ever more varied and sustainable snack vegetables, we offer everyone the opportunity to eat healthy food the easy way.


By being passionate and innovative we offer delicious, versatile and natural snack vegetables to contribute to a completely conscious healthy food lifestyle.


Greenco pursues a great assortment of the most delicious snack vegetables internationally. The tomato is our flagship but we are also passionate about developing and maintaining the best quality for other snack vegetables.

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