Greenco supplies a great assortment of the most delicious snack vegetables internationally. The flagship is the snack tomato but Greenco is always looking for innovation. The assortment consists of snack tomatoes in several colours (red, orange and brown) and shapes (round and plum-shaped) but also snack cucumbers and snack sweet peppers. What will the future bring? We will use our passion to develop other snack vegetables of the best quality possible.

Greenco has several brands and propositions in its portfolio:

Tommies snack vegetables

Happy vitamins every day! Greenco’s personal brand which put a new category on the charts 10 years ago.

Sweet Energy snack tomatoes

Sweet Energy: A Greenco brand that gets used as a fancy label.

Fred & Ed snack tomatoes

A Foodsense and The Greenery brand that contains Greenco’s quality tomatoes.


An innovative Greenco concept.


A label from The Greenery for the German market that contains Greenco’s quality tomatoes.